Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Incubation Period of the Flu

The flu incubation period is defined as the time that is elapsed among the exposure and the time when the symptoms first appears. The incubation period of flu may be as short as that is considered in minutes and in addition to this the period is as long as that can be considered in years. After hearing the news that now we have a fresh pandemic definitely people wonder about what exactly the incubation period of flu is. In some of the past years large numbers of people has lost their lives because of flu in different countries and the dead bodies includes all age persons. Experts of the flu often say that the probability that more people die because of it is higher and it can happen any time.

What exactly makes the flu incubation period important

Generally what happens is that people don't even came to know that they are affected by this disease and this is the reason that they spread it among others which help in knowing the time period of flu is quite essential. Disease control centers often say that that they don't have firm numbers as to how long the flu remains with a person before he/she shows its symptoms. According to them this time period is one week or up to 4 days. This is the time period when an affected person contributes in spreading this disease among others without knowing that he/she is affected by this virus. So it is very important that necessary precautions are being taken by a person in order to stop spreading the flu. There are a few tips that can help at this stage and helps understanding flu incubation period properly. Some of such tips include

• Washing hands- It is considered as the basic line of defense against the flu. Washing hands for regularly 20 seconds through an antibiotic is better.

• Avoid touching the surface that is contaminated- This is something that plays a significant role in spreading this disease. Generally what happens is that people touch their nose after touching a contaminated surface which results in flu. Never touch your eyes as well.

During this disease what happen is that one can transmit it among others even after the symptoms are passed. So the flu time period is an essential factor. Basically this period is not always same but according to some of the experts it can stay for around one day to one complete week. Sometime what happen is that a distinction is made between the flu incubation periods mainly because of the reason that it is very effective. Such periods are generally expressed as ranges. For this disease the incubation period of flu is considered in days however it is not always essential.

Once the symptoms are known to a person he/she can take necessary steps that are effective in stopping this virus to be spread among other people. Some of the things that must be kept in mind is using a handkerchief while coughing, disposing the tissue after using it as well as disinfecting all the surfaces that are around you.

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