Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where Is My Appendix Located?

The appendix location that causes appendix pain varies from person to person, but usually no more than 3 inches in difference. It is located where the large and small intestines join right at the start point of the colon. In other terms, the appendix is located in the right lower abdomen quadrant, which is basically between the top section of the pelvic bone and the navel area. Ironically, you will not know the exact appendix location and only a surgical professional or a physician will be able to locate it. The abdomen is in a location from which you cannot feel its presence, but a surgeon or physician would know where its specific location is.

Interestingly enough, a rare situation in the human population allows the appendix to be on the opposite side. This is caused by all their organs being reversed inside the abdomen area. In this scenario, the right organs would be on the left and their left organs would be on the right. Therefore, their appendix would be located within the left side area verses being located within the right side are. This appendix location rarity is an occurrence in about one out of eight thousand five hundred people and is known as the condition called situs inversus.

List of Organs and Zones in the Appendix Location:

  • Large intestine
  • Small Intestine
  • Colon
  • Pelvic bone zone
  • Navel area zone
  • Peritoneal lining zone
  • Umbilicus zone

Your appendix is basically a worm like object; being no more than the size of your finger. It sticks out at the junction of your large and small intestines. The purpose of the appendix is still unidentified, but some become infected and have to be removed. It is important to know the estimated location of your appendix in order to assist in identifying where abdomen pain is coming from.

As mentioned previously, a surgeon or a physician can identify your appendix location which causes appendix pain. They can have a difficult time identifying where the top portion of the appendix specifically sits. With the appendix slightly varying in location from one person to another, it can be hard to specifically locate the top point of the appendix. However, they usually find it but it generally requires a little more work. The most common locations for the top of the appendix include the back side of the pelvic area, the back side of the cecum (component of your colon,) and the top portion of the peritoneal lining (lining in the abdominal cavity.)

As mentioned before, the estimated location of your appendix is essential to know, especially when you are experiencing abdominal pain. Many organ problems can cause pain in the abdomen region, especially through an infection. They may also be cancerous as well. In some cases, it could be appendix pain and understanding the organs in the abdomen regions can help identify potential organs leading to the problem, especially in the appendix location. If experiencing strong, consistent pain in the appendix location, it is recommended that you see your doctor. He or she will in turn probably refer you to a physician or surgeon who will specifically identify you appendix location.

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